When a tail gun-clad jinn named MacBrainer arrives at the scene of the crime, Principal Sturm, Superintendent Broadrix, Throck, Wish Gun and Shawn take an affirmative journey toward spiritualism, as the brain-shaped close-combat genie speaks out on his secret mission to explore new worlds of imagination.

MacBrainer tells the inhabitants of Wishville a few words about self discovery.

"I, MacBrainer, has come of age as I begin to pick brains while granting as many wishes as possible. With a tail gun implemented at the center of my brain, I am granting a few wishes with all of your Jonathon Brandimeier Elementary School classmates and personell - getting their wish is my command on my first day, as I shoot a few wish bolts at each one of you transporting to a mystical world of wishing and discovering various areas of wonder!

"Wishaam!" MacBrainer shouts in a baritone voice.

Superintendent Broadrix says, "This time, MacBrainer, you are getting my wish to thank me and Principal Sturm for living inside Wishville every year."

"Yes," MacBrainer replies.

"Wishaam is investigating the creation of a whole new generation of jinn villains from the magic lamp!"

"I have a few secret missions throughout the planet Wishville," says Principal Sturm, "and Wishaam and ElectroGenie will guide you, MacBrainer, into several strange worlds of mystery and self discovery - just tell the team at Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School Wishaam sent me."

As Superintendent Broadrix, Principal Sturm and their genie investigators walk through the many villages across the planet Wishville, MacBrainer is following them to meet countless genie villains changing each other into more jinns.