Superintendent Sturm is in trouble, as Zapp'r, Wishaam's genie foe, is hunting down his Brandmeier Elementary genies studies student transporting into the supernatural realm. His name is Prof. Rod Kyte, Bradmeier Elementary's genies investigator and scientist in residence. His mission is to come up with some new gadgets to increase genie-oriented adventures and develop new genie missions allowing those paranormal creatures to transform him into many huge, small, and lifesize onjects.

"ElectroGenie," Prof Kyte asks, "what will you follow Throck, Sean and their Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School genie studies classmates on more imaginative lands of genie creation?"

"Yes," answers ElectroGenie, Wishaam's genie assistant.

"The Glopper, one of the more paranormal of the genie foes in Wishville, is about to zap some genie slime with his Glop Gun. This slick blue substance can turn you, Prof. Kyte, into object big, small and everything in between.

"My next mission is to let several new genie villains coming out of the lamp - you must rub this lamp and grant 400 wishes after these new mysterious genie foes come out."