"My name is GumShoe!"

"Can you gimme a few tough conspiracies concerning Sturm's imaginative worlds?" ask Sean.

"I am your whimsical genie apprentice in detective's hat form," answers GumShoe.

"Very strange name, isn't it?"

"Yes, Sean," GumShoe replies. "I am granting billions of wishes by infusing magical spells - all of which represent imaginations created by jinns found in a lamp... your wish will always come true."

"I wish I am a wishing brainjinn - which transforms one person after another into several amazing wish-granting cillains or objects whenever spirituality is converted."

"Wishaam!" GumShoe shouts.

Poof! There goes a genie in human brain form. Following thirty puffs of jinn smoke, GumShow turs Sean into a brain-shaped genie named Rumin8or, which allows bolts of electro-supernatural wishing to change into any new jinn foe.