Dean Whack, safety patrol investigator at Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School, tells Wishaam, "Genies are the most imaginative villains ever to come out of lamps like ths one. To me, jinns grant three wishes to my Brandmeier Elementary classmates and teachers as soon as more jinns invade Wishville, a secret planet devoted to spiritual foes changing them back and forth."

"Whack," says Wishaam, "I dare Headmaster Throckmorton to discover more jinns and djinns in the decades ahead of time.

"Get to work, Wishaam, until 'Wish Cap' Throckmorton makes the case for genie creation and reincarnation," says Whack.

"ElectroGenie is firing his revolver jinn gun at the genies as he changes one jinn into another," Wishaam replies.

The Globber asks, "Why does Headmaster Throck know all about the history of jinns and how he manage to track down those amazing supernatural foes popping out of lamps like this one?"

Wishaam answers, "There will be a series of genie-oriented expeditions designed to increase jinn creation and transformation."

"Think how many jinns will come out of so many magic lamps these days," the Globber figures out the secrets of genie reincarnation.