A new genie is born. Mystique, a 30-year-old jinn in the form of a male human being sporting a vest-clad suit with a magical wishing tie comprising over 700,000 spell designs depicting a different wish, has come out of a secret magic lamp - and the Brandmeier Elementary Class of '17 meets this spell-zapping villain carrying a .40 caliber whip gun in his right hand.

"My name is Mystique, and all of you in the Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School class of '17 will always get at least 500 wishes... this means jinn battle in Wishville, where genie transformation results in wish-granting combat - as billions of jinns arrive out of the mysterious magic lamp of wishes granted by each other!"

Poof! Wishaam appears in the Brandmeier Elementary School Auditorium alongside Mystique and asks, "What are you granting each other's wish for?"

"C'mon, Wishaam! I, Mystique, will always get the claasmates' wish to travel mythologically to new worlds of jinn awareness... where supernatural genie combat is confronted.

"I have hired Wishaam's genie sidekicks, Wishgun and ElectroGenie, and their nemesis Doonadary, a cannon jinn who fires wishing spell particles by means of electro-supernatural bolts at the Brandmeier Elementary School classmates in Chicago, Illinois, to receive the imaginations embodied inside each other's bodies. As a result, those wish bolts yield the transformation of those students into objects of all kinds - everything and anything being turned into others."

"Mystique, I wish I could carry your Wishcaaster Whip Gun on certain missions on Planet Wishville," Wishaam says.

With his two hands possessing super-wishing powers, Mystique sends the electro-supernatural bolts at Wishaam - and a blast of a hundred puffs of magical smoke gives Wishaam the chance to carry the Wishcaster Whip Gun in his right hand.

ElectroGenie replies, "Gee, Wishgun! Wishaam now carries his whip gun with him while Superintendent Sturm currently lives on the Planet Wishville."

"Right now, Wishaam is conducting some experiental secret worlds and strange colonies where genie transformation is at war," says Wishgun.

The Globber rises out of the mysterious magic lamp and runs toward the auditorium, changing the Brandmeier Elementary School students into imaginable jinn foes in the form of animals, ogre-men and bizarre genie masters

as he fires jinn slime at them.

"Globber, shoot some genie slime at me, please!" shouts Mystique.

"Wishaam!" the Globber declares.

Wishaam quickly exits the auditorium and runs to ElectroGenie and Wishgun for assistance.

"On guard!" shout the Globber.