"What is it?" Detective Rook asks Wishaam a question.

Wishaam replies, "Whoever grants as many wishes as possible, I, Wishaam, am continuing my efforts to explore spirituality as a secret weapon because the inhabitants of the mysterious planet Wishville are capable of creating new jinns by creating strange new arenas of adventure."

"I wish I am copulating my schlong with a schlong revolver penis enlargement gun, just in case I could have a stronger, healthier schlong all day long," says Detective Rook.

"Wishaam!" shouts Wishaam, zapping Detective Rook into a schlong revolver penile gun.

"Wishaam," asks Trisha Moorman, "has Detective Matt Rook turned himself into a penile enlargement gun?"


Penylarger, a genie in penis form, warns Wishaam, "I've been seeking spiritual truth since arriving out of a mysterious jinn bottle sporting several majestic spells depicting all areas of genie creation and transformation  because of my secret abilities to change human beings into multiple objects.

"In confronting over the genie-changing rhetorics across Wishville, I have created several life-changing genie weapons, including a device capable of navigating the development of mysterious planets focused on the creation of jinns, djinns, and other mythical villains granting countless wishes whenever possible."

Trisha says, "This navigational device allows Wishaam to shoot streams of wishing bolts transferred to the inhabitants of the Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School, with a loud burst of teleporting smoke turnng them into any object at any time."

Penylarger replies, "Amazing!