When a 5,000-year-old genie named Pimppoliee comes out of a magic bottle, Superintendent Broadrix asks, "I know that genies play an important role in granting wishes. So, why do you pimp more wishes right out of a genie's bottle?"

Pimppoliee responds, "I will pimp a few wishes right out of my top-secret djinn pimp gun."

"I wish I am an electro-magnetic pimp gun which fires wish bolts at my classmates from Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School, causing each one of my young boy geniuses to turn thenselves into any object!" Superintendent Broadrix tells Pimppoliee the truth.

Pimppoliee shouts, "Wishaaam!"

A dozen puffs of supernatural smoke given by Pimppoliee morph Superintertendent Broadrix into a semi-automatic electro-magnetic paranormal pimp gun, having fired magical streams of conscience and mystery at the Brandmeier Elementary boy wizards, transforming then into animals, shooting galleries, star-shooter weapons, contraptions, and simply all the other objects large and small.

Pimppoliee says, "Keep it coming! Keep it coming!