Here is what takes place at the Brandmeier Elementary School, as Superintendent Broderix confronts with Wishaam in a head-to-head genie debate.

"Wishaam, my fellow elementary-school science classmates had been transported to Wishville eight months ago - as they search for clues to their own imaginations when ElectroGenie followed them and their Brandmeier Elementary School principals and mad scientist Prof. Crossman to the whimsical village of Magicland..."

"It's time you grat as many wishes as possible, Broderix."

"For that matter, Wishaam, I wish I am about to be a .44 caliber revolver hand gun."

"You have until at least two more minutes left!" Wishaam warns.

"But, Wishaam, please turn me into a revolver hand gun..."

"What are you searching for?" asks Wishaam.

Superintendent Broderix replies, "I am searching for a better way to create strange new world of fantasy that only the bazillions of genie villains and their enemies can conceive.

"Now, please transform me into a .44 caliber semi-automatic revolver hand gun, and you, Wishaam, will fire as many streams of teleportation at the creature-making paranormal Bibical spirits! I want to get back to Wishville in another 45 days or less, or you and your genie servant, ElectroGenie, prevail rituality in the twenty-first century!"

Wishaam once again asks, "Is this your idea of a weapon of mass wishing?"

Superintendent Broderixc answers, "Yes, Wishaam! Transform me into a .44 caliber semi-automatic revolver hand gun... right... now! Please!"


Although Wishaam did turn Superintendent Broderix into a semi-automatic revolver hand gun with astonishing electro-kinetic powers, he is about to be transported back to Wishville so he and ElectroGenie can pursure more long-term adventures.