Oathar, the crosshaired genie, comes out of the magic lamp and says, "Sean, Throck, and all of the members of the Brandmeier Elementary School Class of '12, I will grant you three wishes for experiencing several oaths of wishing and wondering. As your servant, Wishaam and his sidekick ElectroGenie will receive a burst of smoke - which transforms you into an oath creation weapon, or O.C.W. for short."

"Let me wish you one oath," Sean tells Oathar the secret.

"Is this a coincidence concerning the magic of the oath within?" asks Superintendent Broadrix.

"You bet!" Oathar answers.

Wishaam tells Oathar a few secrets about the creation of oaths.

"Oathar, you have the power to grant at least seven wishes concerning the creation of imaginary oaths. To me and ElectroGenie, getting the oaths caught in the crosshairs is another priority for experiencing the creation of mystic curiosities within your wildest dreams - and, in the process, the oath creation weapons are bound for information, investigation and the development of strange worlds of wishing and exploring.

"In the years to come, me and ElectroGenie will conquer new worlds of wishing and self-discovery in Wishville."

"Believe me, Wishaam," Oathar says. "I wish grant at least seven wishes to each of the wizards of discovery by transforming them into oath creation weapons.


As Oathar zaps Throck, Sean and Superintendent Broadrix into electro-magnetic oath guns, the blink of his eye grants seven wishes to two of the boys via teleportation - as they transform into those fun loving weapons of mass discovery - as the oath guns begin to fire magical spells at the 17 lamps representing each expedition. Several "oathenie" in the form of animals, machines and other invisible genie foes are about to battle his other genie villains

turning themselves into other paranormal spirits from those lamps.