Ceregoon, a fantastic winged ogrenie from Mitholojie, a village on the planet Wishville, arrives, and Wishaam is pleased to explore the evolution of the life-changing jinn of today.

"Wishaam," says Superintendent Sturm, "There is an ogrenie coming to transform wish-granting combat in Wishville.

"Ceregoon is an imaginary ogre jinn carrying two pumping wands enabling him to fire teleportation bolts at a giving human."

Wishaam tells the Brandmeier Elementary School superintendent, "I will grant Ceregoon several huge wishes - and once your wish is granted following the transformative mission, you will become as many objects as possible."

"Good thing ElectroGenie will fire wish bolts coming out of his fully-equipped electro-magnetic speed gun - the right-armed life-changing weapon powered by spiritual spells."

"I am shooting wishdar with my life-transforming speed gun," says Superintendent Sturm.

Ceregoon asks Wishaam, "What do you want out of life?"

Wishaam answers, "There must be a secret mission that I am developing in Wishville for the time being."

"With my pumping wand, I can make Superintendent Sturm turn into any object at any given interval. Wishaam!"

says Ceregoon.

With the blink of an eye, Ceregoon fires streams of life-transforming wish bolts at the superintendent, morphing him into an alligator.

"Look out, Wishaam," shouts Ceregoon.

"This alligator will bite me back!"

"Wishgun, let's run away," says Wishaam.