Down and out in Wishville, Sandamn is on a mission to explore the undiscovered regions of the wishing regime. The genie wizards, assisted by Superintendent Broadrix, waste no time to meet Sandamn as he transforms the boys into magical contraptions sending out streams of mystical spells creating new worlds of the genie-changing realm.

"You are a genie whose body is made of sand," Throck says.

"Yes," says Sandamn. "You wish is Wishaam's command!


Soon, with Sandamn's blessing, Throck turns into a wish shooter contraption, which fires miniature streams of electro-magical bolts of wishes revealing puffs of smoke, resulting in the creation of genie villians and strange, bizarre and mystical cities of jinn warfare.

Sean tells Sandamn of the wish shooter contraption, "I'm sure this contraption fires as many wishes as possible to develop an entire corpse of genies changing them into new mythical creatures."

Sandamn points out, "Throckmorton granted his wish to be a wish shooter contraption, which shoot wish bolts at the genie enemy, transforming jinns into new spiritual foes of in the forms of many objects

"Wishaam is bringing his wish gun to Jinnix, a strange city where wishes are created in perpetuity."

At the Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School in the Windy City, Prof. Gunnington interrogates safety patrol officer Rod Searcy in one of the various genie-studies classrooms, and explains to the safety patrol officer how Wishaam and ElectroGenie, Wishaam's genie assistant, are searching for new ways to grant wishes.