"Off we go toward the exploration of life-changing magics," Headmaster Throckmorton told his fellow genie discoverers, "'cause we are prepare for mortality and genie attribution as Wishaam and his master ElectroGenie build a spawling spiritual empire with super kinetic strength."

"Wishaam, here is my next assignment Prof. Crossman needs to complete," ElectroGenie replies.

"One scenario concerning the reincarnation of spiritual villains is the creation of genie evaluation weaponry invented by anthropolgist and world famous master genie Prof. Zappitt - whose mission is to grant wishes and form strategic genie cartels whenever possible."

"As a master genie creating curious enemies," ElectroGenie says, "he is an apprentice specializing in fulfilling the wishes by cross-examining the history of this supernatural critter."

Wishaam adds, "There are more genies about to change into more foes leaping out of magic lamps in a few years - and the creatures of spiritual imaginations are ready for the next evolution of genie warfare.

"As a paranormal being, I, Wishaam, will emerge as a supergenie with spiritual superstrength - the way other genies tell tales of wishing and giving."

"Here comes another genie shooting telekinetic bolts - and a cartel of genies with the bodies and horns of ogres and the wings of eagles is jumping out of the lamps and magic bottles as they start shooting stars with their electric wish blasters!" says ElectroGenie folding his arms.

"Get set to battle the genies in ogre form," Principal Sturm reminds the Brandmeier Elementary genie chasers, as he continues to oversee more bizarre genie masters and their supergenies.

"Wishaam!" shout Throckmorton, Prof. Crossman, Sean and Superintendent Broderix.

"Blast those amazing ogrenies shooting stars in the sky!"

"Wishaam!" the genie cries.

"Ready... set... wish!" ElectroGenies shouts.


The wish guns shoot super electro-telekinetic spiritual bolts at a few ogrenies turing into arch enemies granting each other several wishes.

"Keep it coming! Keep it coming!" Principal Sturm shouts.

Klatteauseasuvich, an Afro-Islamic genie king holding a starshooter gun during the expedition, wears a magic coat encoded with cryptic wish crystals releasing magnetic fields of fulfilled wishing. When the crystals on the coat send out electro-magnetic energy, the ogrenies are being evolved into another hoasrd of genie creatures - each carrying spiritual fulfillment guns spreading billions of genie-changing jolts creating more villains developing new ones and turning into other new genies.

"With my secret starshooter gun," Klatteauseauvich demands, "the next few genies evolving into earthly guardians as more creatures are invading all areas of gratitude.

"This time, I will fire genie bolts at the shooting stars falling onto the earth's surface.


Bam! And the ogrenies shooting stars with their blaster guns, changing into heroic villains of the lamp.