Just as Wishaam emerges from a top-secret magic genie pump lamp, a new genie villian comes out of this hand-rubbing, steam-pumping wonder: Commissioner Doomadary is a mysteriously magical life-changing, teleportation-infused jinn in the form of a man with a rapid-fire cannonhead.

As fans of the genie known as Wishaam himself creates, changes and battles jinn villains, Commissioner Doomadary fires lightning-fast puffs of fire to create and change jinns in the form of animals, human beings and many other exciting objects via electro-magnetic teleportation. Commissioner Doomadary's genie wardrobe comprises newly designed spells of wishing and exploration changing into any cryptic wish at all intervals.

I am prepared to help Wishaam, ElectroGenie, Prof. Gunnington, Principal Sturm, Superintendent Broadrix, Sean, Throckmorton, Cap, Jeanette, Safety Patrolman Rod Searcy and the electron tube-clad genie apprentice ElectroGenie get my wish to create and discover new jinns and new magical lands with the aid of Commissioner Doomadary.

I wish I can rub a magic lamp.

I wish Commissioner Doomadary will grant some streams of wishing and exploring when he turns me into any object imaginable.

I wish Commissioner Doomadary's interchangable cannonheads can receive electro-magnetic steams of wishes changing me into many objects large, small and anything in between!

Visit and meet Commisioner Doomadary and billions and billions of other genie villians

creating new wish-laden worlds and magical new jinns!

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