What happens if the wishes are about to be stollen by a sinister eye-shaped genie?

Wishaam and his aprentice ElectroGenie are searching for the truth.

As Eyevan, a pupil-winking genie granting wishes to the classmates of the Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School

in mysterious ways, comes out of a magic bottle, Prof. Simon Silverman, Magicville's notorious mad scientist and anthropologist, befriends Eyevan and asks, "What is your wish?"

Prof. Silverman answers, "I wish I am a water contraption filtering all impurities from Juduuah water... I wish I could ride a vortex battle station in the sky... I wish I could..."

"Then, what seems to be more wishes than you can hardily mention?" asks Eyevan.

"Any wish you can grant me, there will be more to be granted by you."

"Right, Prof. Silverman!" Eyevan commands.


Eyevan tells Prof. Silverman, "You are now a water contraption."

Principal Sturm runs to Eyevan and asks, "Eyevan, why is wishing the more imaginative form of communication possible? Are you getting my wish?"

"You will always get your next three wishes," says Eyevan.