For the inhabitants of Wishville, all genies have the same priorities for granting many wishes to many people for many more years.

But Wishaam has more agendas to create wish-granting havoc, as a corpse of genies arrives from out of the magic genie pump lamp, starting to make wishes come true.

Bucketrender, Aakwaguy, Majictrickster and other imaginable jinns prepare for wish-creating combat as newer jinns change into anyone in the form of every object.

Majictrickster says, "Behold! ElectroGenie will return!"

Wishaam walks up to Majictrickster and asks, "How many wishes will you grant the Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary jinn students every year?"

"My only hope the Globber will change the genie wizards from the Jonathon Brandmeier Elementary School into animals, concealed wish command centers, wish guns, contraptions, small kitchen appliances, motor cars - any desirable object imaginable - possibly with his latest invention, the Globb Gun. This miraculous wishing device will fire streams of wish-granting slime at the Brandmeier Elementary students and crew, turning the green, sticky substance into puffs of smoke, transforming a human being into objects of all sizes."

Wishaam then asks, "Majictrickster, what is your priority for waving a magic wand at me?"

Answers Majictrickster: "For this purpose, the Globber will grants one or more wishes within minutes as he shoots slime at everyone who always get their wish whenever there are many jinns coming to change each other into other genies... you'll turn into the Globb Gun very quickly!"

Wishaam moves his eyes, as Majictrickster waves his wish-granting wand at his and shouts, "Wishaam!"

Within a few blasts of smoke emeriging, Wishaam changes into a genie shooter probe tank, having pumped billions of cryptic wish dust particles transforming Majictricklster and other jinns into more and more genies. As Wishaam begins to fire electro-magnectic teleportation bolts at other jinns in the genie shooter probe tank's central control center, new genies and djinn figures began to evolve.

Commissioner Doomadary steps toward the Genie Battle Control Center in the Wishville Observatory and investigates jinn incarnation and transformation. His cannon-shaped head fires wish bolts at the jinns and their supernatural genie enemies via teleportation.

"Wishaam! cries Commissioner Doomadary. "Wishaam! Wishaam! Wishaam! Fire! Wishaam! Prepare for genie-changing battle! Wishaam!"

In the meantime, while Prof. Gunnington is overseeing the Genie Battle Control Center, he grants Commissioner Doomadary a couple of wishes.

"Doomadary, I wish I am the Globb Gun! This genie firearm will shoot several globs of slime that turns me into all objects through the magic of fire and a few puffs of genie smoke!"

Commissioner Doomadary then says, "Wishaam!"


When the genie battle probe tank is shooting streams of electrical wish bolts at every genie, the smoke begins to puff; and new genies and genie foes begin grants their first 5,000 wishes.