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WISHAAM! Grant the 20-year-old genie's wish - and ElectroGenie, a paranormal magic-lamp genie master in the form of an electron tube, guides him, a team of elementary school boys and headmaster "Wish Guy" Throckmorton take wiki creators on a journey through strange worlds of action, adventure, mystey, suspense and self-discovery as they rub the secret magic lamp to reveal the identities of genies villains in the form of human beings, animals, mythical foes and villains, weapons, contraptions and more. Each genie villain in the Wishamm Wiki will feature new original spells encrypted on genie apparel and garb, with each genie telling each boy a flashing wish spell changing each year in various tales of curiosity, imagination and mystery - while "Wish Guy" Throckmorton carries a magic bottle-shaped revolver gun that examines the creation of mysterious genie villains and foes by the Wishaam Lamp, which has magical fictional spells changing in each daily adventure!

Prepare for a life-changing fantasy mystery as Wishaam and ElectroGenie battle their new and imaginary genie foes in this hilarious wiki!

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