"Sturm, I am your supreme genie combatant," Zapp'r says.

Superintendent Sturm asks, "What wishes will you grant over the next few decades?"

Answers Zapp'r: "Wishaam is completing a series of strange worlds of jinn tactics and imagination beyond your paranormal dreams. As Wishville begins the next step toward inspirational exploration into the world of the invisible spirits emerging from various magic lamps, jinn confrontation is created every time your rub them.

"I, Zapp'r, will follow Wishaam and ElectroGenie in unique mystical worlds through the magic of the lamp."

"I wish I am a gigantic machine gun that blasts jinn fire, tranforming me and my other Brandmeier Elementary classmates into every genie that I know," says Superintendent Sturm.

"Wishaam!" shouts Zapp'r as he sends electro-magnetic bolts at Superintendent Sturm, eventually transforming the man into a wish-shooting jinn gun, a gigantic contraption wich fires huge stream of genie lightning at those supernatural creatures, actually changng one jinn into another.

As the jinn gun begins firing, the bolts of wishing and self-exploration begin to zap each genie, turning the villains into other jinns.

Sean shouts, "Fire jinn bolts at the genies!"

Poof! There goes all the jinns shooting streams of consciousness at each other.

Throck is anxious about the transformation of the jinns into newer villains coming to grant one wish after another.

"Hypothetically," ElectroGenie points out, "the jinn gun is a high-tech weapon of self-exploration beyond your wildest dreams. To that extent, Wishaam, I am firing my electro-magnetic speed gun at Zapp'r, then Zapp'r will grant Throck and Sean as many wishes as possible."

Poof! And the jinns change again and again and again and again...


There go more jinns streaming right out of the magic lamp.


"Sean," Throck replies, "Look out for the jinn gun! It's granting 70 wishes to us!"